Current Series

Taking the Next Step in Gratitude

What does gratitude on generosity have in common? Join us as we explore how these two ideas are connected in scripture!

Teachable Moments

A sermon series about "teachable moments" found in the gospel of Matthew.

All in the Family

Finding Grace in our Stories

In the series, we talk about family dynamics that are found in Genesis as we walk through the stories of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. 

Augie's Last Sunday

Today we say good-bye to the Allen family! They have truly been a blessing to Suntree, and they will be missed. We love you guys!

1 Corinthians 5:3-15


A sermon all about Fear! Pastor Annette talks what it means to be Unafraid, and gives us practical tips on how to cope with fear.

Acts: Be The Church

In this sermon series we dive into the book of Acts and discover what it means to "Be the church". 

Won't You Be My Neighbor

A series about reconciliation, loving others, and being a good neighbor. Based off of the teachings of the bible and lessons learned from Mr. Rogers.

A Christmas Carol

An Advent worship message series about finding redemption in Christmas. 

Taking the Next Step

A series on generosity that invites us to ask the question "where does God want me in my giving?"

Back to Basics

A sermon series that dives into the membership vows of the United Methodist Church (based on the book "A Disciples Path").