Sunday School Classes

Sunday School is an opportunity to continue in your study after Worship. We have plenty of different kinds of Sunday School classes, and they are listed below. Don’t see something for you? Contact Pastor Allee if you’re interested in leading a specific Sunday School class at .

9am Sunday School Classes

Empty Nest: Meets in Dining Room D. This is a larger group that is more lecture-style. They are open to new members!

SOKS- Suntree’s Older Kids Sunday School Class: This group meets in 101/102 and typically is working through a study. The group is mostly women.

10:45am Sunday School Classes

Marriage Matters: This class meets at 10:45am in 101/102. This is a class for couples- dating, engaged, and married- who are interested in fortifying their relationships. They typically work through a marriage-oriented study.

Acts 29: Meets at 11am in Room 109. This group typically works through a video series and is open to new members.

Faith & Fellowship: Meets at 11am in 103/104. This is a larger group class that rotates leadership and teaching on different studies. They are open to new members.


11am Sunday School Class

Faith Oddities meets at 11am. Lessons in creative elements. Led by Brad Shea. 

Sunday Life Groups

SPAM- Spiritual Parenting & Marriage- meets at 10:30am in the Den. This is a small group for couples who are parents.