Care Ministries

Care Ministries

[write something general about the various care ministries that we offer] for additional information on any of our care ministries, or if you have any questions, contact our Director of Congregational Care, Carol Whiting at carolw  

Altar Flower Dedications

You can dedicate our Sunday altar flowers to honor a loved one, remember someone who has passed away, or note a special event.

Flowers & Visitations

Volunteers rearrange our Sunday morning flowers into smaller arrangements which are taken to those who are in nursing homes, assisted living facilities or are homebound.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Each Friday a list of prayer requests from members of the Suntree UMC Community is sent by email to members of the Intercessory Prayer Ministry. Prayer Request cards can be placed in the offering plate on Sundays. All prayer requests are kept confidential by the prayer ministry volunteers

Handyman Ministry

If you live alone or have limited funds and need something repaired or fixed around your house, there is a ministry to help you! 

Hospital Visits

Hospitals no longer notify the church when a member is admitted. You do not have to be a church member to make this request.

Hurricane/Storm Assistance

Members of our community who live alone, are disabled, or do not have family in the area can receive assistance before/after a hurricane.

Life Groups

Members of our congregation gather in small groups to connect with God through Bible study, sharing, supporting each other and doing life together.  Each group decides on the time, frequency and location of Life Group meetings. For more information click here.

Early Risers Book Group

For women who enjoy reading and good discussions, this group meetings every Tuesday at 7:30am in Room 109.

Memorial Services & Interments

Our Congregational Care office will help you make arrangements for a memorial service to be held in the Sanctuary or Worship Center.  We also provide interment of cremated remains in our Memorial Garden. 

 Pastoral Care

Church pastors respond to members of our congregation through listening, support, encouragement, prayer, and faith development.  Requests for Pastoral Care are handled through the Congregational Care office.

Prayer List in the Bulletin

Each week, our Sunday Bulletin lists those who have asked for prayers from the congregation.  We print only those names submitted by an individual or a family member.  Prayer Request cards (in slots on pews in the Sanctuary and in the Welcome Books in the Worship Center) can be placed in the offering plate on Sundays.

Prayer Ministry

Meets 6-7pm the first Tuesday of every month in the Sanctuary Prayer Chapel (located to the right side of the Lobby).

Prayer Shawl Ministry

If you like to knit or crochet (or want to learn), there is a place for you to use your skills here.  Shawls are available for members of our community who are going through a difficult time.

Prayer Wall

Suntree UMC has a dedicated Prayer Wall, located on the southwest side of Building 400 (Sanctuary). The Prayer Wall was consecrated in November 2012. It was constructed with granite from a quarry in the area of the Holy Land where granite was culled to build the Temple. Anyone can place a prayer request on the wall.

Stephen Ministry

Our Stephen Ministry offers one-to-one caring relationships so that those who are hurting receive supportive love and care. 


Volunteers within the church are willing to drive members in need to doctor appointments or the grocery store.