Dare to Dream

Debt Elimination Campaign

Very truly, I tell you, the one who believes in me will also do the works that I do and, in fact will do greater works than these….  - John 14:12

Greater works than these, that is the promise Jesus made to his disciples before he made the journey to the cross and the resurrection. Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would work through them and through us to not only continue his work but to accomplish even greater things than Jesus did while he was on earth. 

In 2023, Suntree UMC celebrated 40 years of transformational ministry in the name of Jesus in this community and beyond. It was a joy to remember the lives that have been blessed, the worship offered, the hope and healing shared with countless numbers of folks through the ministry of this church. 

But even as we celebrate the past, we look forward to the new and greater things that God longs to accomplish through God’s church going forward. Our God is always doing new and greater things through God’s people. And living out God’s vision involves stepping out with the same bold faith as Suntree’s original 74 charter members. Now is not the time to rest, but to dream about the greater things God has in store for this church, which is why we are currently in the planning stages of two new ministry initiatives to reach new people in Cocoa and Viera. 

The end of our mortgage debt is within reach! Becoming debt-free good stewardship. But it also frees us to begin dreaming about our future as well as releasing resources to invest in our ministries. Currently, we have $60,000 in our budget to pay interest on our debt. Imagine what we could do with that money being redirected to new ministries. Leaders are beginning to imagine what it would be like for us to be able to ask for special, second mile giving for ministry initiatives or support for community ministries rather than for debt reduction. Suntree UMC is an incredibly generous community. Imagine what releasing all that generosity towards sharing the good news of God’s love, might accomplish. 

Key Campaign Dates

January 21: Dare to Dream Churchwide Rally
February 5-10: Dare to Pray - open prayer time at the SUMC Prayer Wall
February 11: Commitment Sunday & Celebration Event
February 18: First Fruits giving begins
Next Three Years: The campaign continues!

Dare to Pray

As part of our Dare to Dream campaign, in addition to your individual prayers, we invite you to share in prayer at the Suntree UMC Prayer Wall (outdoors – west side of the Sanctuary). Come any time, morning through evening, to intercede for the Dare to Dream Campaign, our church, and our community. You may also add your personal or community prayer requests to the prayer wall. 

Prayer guides will be available to guide your prayer time.

Dare to Dream Devotions

Portions of A Generous Life by Horizons Stewardship will be sent daily to subscribers to our weekly Pastor’s E-Letter. We hope you will join us in this opportunity to ask God “What do you want to do through me?”

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