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Thanks for joining us for our Online Worship Service for February 28, 2021!

Today in Worship we continue our Lent sermon series, “Hope: Journey from Ashes to Life.” The season of Lent gives us the opportunity for self-reflection as we journey with Jesus towards the cross, and his resurrection. In this, we can see the places in our lives that have been laid waste by sin or where it seems there is no hope. Through the journey of Lent, we are offered the opportunity to find the hope that Christ offers in the transformative power of his life, death, and resurrection, and to dedicate our own lives to it. This Sunday, we will find Hope in the Midst of Sacrifice as we read Jesus’ words from Mark 8:31-38. To follow Jesus is to walk with him towards his suffering, humiliation, and death. As we do so, we find hope in our sacrifices, because when we lose ourselves, it is then that we find our true soul and purpose in Jesus.

Here is a snapshot of today's contemporary worship:
  Song: This Is Amazing Grace
    Welcome & Announcements
    Prayer of Confession & Words of Pardon
    Song: Promises Never Fail
    Pastoral Prayer, Lord's Prayer, Offertory Prayer
    Song: Goodness Of God
    Hope in the midst of Sacrifice
    Song: Called Me Higher
    Closing Prayer

Here is a snapshot of today's traditional worship:
    Pre-Service Music
    Organ Prelude: “Priere” - Cesar Franck
    Chiming of the Hour
    Welcome & Announcements
    Carillon Introit: “Give Us Peace in Our Time” arr. by Donald E. Allured
    Responsive Call to Worship
    Opening Hymn: "If Thou But Suffer God to Guide Thee" (Hymnal #142)
    Prayer of Confession & Words of Pardon
    Pastoral Prayer, Lord's Prayer, Offering Prayer
    Offertory: “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” arr. by Michael Helman
    Presentation of the Offering: Doxology #95
    Hope in the midst of Sacrifice: Mark 8:31-38
    Closing Hymn: "My Faith Looks Up to Thee" (Hymnal #452)
    Postlude: “Cantabile” - Charles Marie Widor

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