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Worship With Us!

Thanks for joining us for our Online Worship Service for September 19th, 2021!

Today in Worship we continue our sermon series, “Finding Peace in the Storm.” We all experience all kinds of storms in life. Sometimes the storms come from outside of us. Sometimes the storms rage within. But in the midst of all of these storms, we worship a God who is always with us and we cling to a Savior who tells us, “My peace I give to you.” As we dig into the promises of God that serve as our anchor in the storms and empower us to face our fears, anxieties and worries with faith. This week, we will explore Attacking our Anxieties as we hear about Peter walking on the water with Jesus in Matthew 14. Though Peter has a mix of doubt, fear, and faith, he steps out with courage to be with Jesus in his faith. Jesus is with us as we, too, conquer our own anxiety and are invited out of the boats of our lives, too.

Here's what happening at 9:30am Contemporary Worship:
    Song: Raise A Hallelujah
    Song: Stand In Your Love
    Welcome & Announcements
    Pastoral Prayer, Lord's Prayer, Offertory Prayer
    Song: Peace Be Still
    Finding Peace in the Storm: Attacking Anxiety
    Song: Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)
    Closing Prayer

Here's what happening at 11:00am Traditional Worship:
    Pre-Service Music
    Chiming of the Hour
    Organ Prelude
    Welcome & Announcements
    Choral Introit: "Sweet Hour of Prayer" (Hymnal #496)
    Responsive Call to Worship
    Processional Hymn: "Be Still, My Soul" (Hymnal #534)
    Affirmation of Faith: Apostles' Creed #881
    Gloria Patri: #71
    Pastoral Prayer, Lord's Prayer, Offering Prayer
    Offertory: "It Is Well with My Soul," arranged by Mary McDonald
    Presentation of the Offering: Doxology #95
    Finding Peace in the Storm: Attacking Anxiety: Matthew 14:22-33
    Closing Hymn: "God Will Take Care of You" (Hymnal #130)
    Postlude: Prelude and Fugue in C Minor (BWV 847) - J.S. Bach

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