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Membership at Suntree United Methodist Church?

Membership is open to anyone who professes Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, is baptized in any Christian denomination, and will commit to growing in their faith. If a person is not baptized, the new member coordinator will arrange for the baptism to occur when they join. 

 Membership Class

Several times throughout the year we will host a 2-hour class for anyone interested in membership.  Our pastors will share information about theology, the United Methodist Church, Suntree UMC’s Mission & Vision, ways for you to grow spiritually, and how to get involved in one or more of our many ministries and servant opportunities.

There are two options for attending our next Membership Class: In-person on October 17th at 2pm and Online via Zoom on October 21st at 7pm. 

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 Membership Sunday

After attending the Membership Class, we will schedule you for an upcoming Membership Sunday where you will officially join the church by taking the Membership Vows and being welcomed by the congregation.  After that, we hope you will continue to faithfully participate in our ministries by your prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.

Interested in becoming a member or need more information?

Contact Ulrike Gonzalez, Welcome and Lay Ministry Coordinator, at   or call 321-242-2582 ext. 1125 for more information. We look forward to answering any questions you might have.

The Benefits of SUMC Membership

Friendships - Making and having friends that share the same beliefs and values helps us all navigate through this amazing, but sometime difficult, life.

Opportunities to Make a Difference – As a collective resource, we have opportunities to help others and make a difference in our church, community and the world.

Accountability - Members that receive good biblical teaching learn to make good decisions, are held accountable by just showing up, and being reminded of their core beliefs.

Sense of Community – Many of us live in isolation so much so that we don’t even know our neighbors.  Being a SUMC member provides opportunities for interactions with other people & creates a social community.

Personal Development - Whether you are new Christian or have been a Christian for a long time, SUMC can offer church leadership, discipleship and spiritual development and growth.

Social Events - Whether it’s a Life Groups, Sunday School Class or Journey, we have opportunities to participate in church events with friends and other church members.

SUMC Membership vows ask that you faithfully participate in its ministries by your

Membership is open to anyone who professes Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, is baptized in any Christian denomination, and will commit to grow in their faith.

If you’re not baptized, we can be baptized at the time you join our SUMC family.

Several times throughout the year, we host a Newcomers Lunch to which all guests interested in membership are invited to come and enjoy a wonderful meal.  Our pastors will share information about our theology, the Suntree Mission and Vision, and ways for you to grow spiritually and get involved. 

Interested in becoming a member?

Contact Ulrike Gonzalez
Welcome and Lay Ministry Coordinator

call 321-242-2582 ext. 1125