Sibling Rivalry (Traditional)

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All in the Family

Jul 12, 2020 | Annette Stiles Pendergrass

Sibling Rivalry (Traditional)

Online Worship - Traditional (07-12-20)

Thanks for joining us for our Online Traditional Service!

Today we are continuing in our “All in the Family” series and Pastor Annette will be talking about Jacob and Esau and their sibling rivalry (Genesis 25:19-34).

Here is a snapshot of today’s service:

  • Prelude: Nimrod - from Enigma Variations - Sir Edward Elgar
  • Chiming of the Hour
  • Choral Introit: "Jesus Calls Us"
  • Call to Worship
  • Hymn: "Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah"
  • Affirmation of Faith
  • Gloria Patri
  • Welcome and Announcements
  • Pastoral Prayer / Offering Prayer
  • Offertory: "Lift Your Light," by Mary McDonald
  • Doxology
  • Scripture Reading
  • Kid’s Moment: Jealously
  • Message: Sibling Rivalry (Genesis 25:19-34)
  • Closing Hymn: "Near to the Heart of God”
  • Benediction
  • Postlude: A-minor Organ Concerto - Final Movement - Johann Sebastian Bach

Series Information

Finding Grace in our Stories

In the series, we talk about family dynamics that are found in Genesis as we walk through the stories of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. 

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