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Hope: Journey from Ashes to Life

Feb 21, 2021 | Allee Willcox

Hope in the Midst of Temptations (Contemporary)

Today in Worship we begin our Lent sermon series, “Hope: Journey from Ashes to Life.” The season of Lent gives us the opportunity for self-reflection as we journey with Jesus towards the cross, and his resurrection. In this, we can see the places in our lives that have been laid waste by sin or where it seems there is no hope. Through the journey of Lent, we are offered the opportunity to find the hope that Christ offers in the transformative power of his life, death, and resurrection, and to dedicate our own lives to it. This Sunday, we will begin Lent where Jesus begins his ministry: in his wilderness temptation in Mark 1:9-15. Though Jesus seems alone amid wild animals and Satan’s visit, we know the Holy Spirit is with Jesus and helps Jesus resist temptation. We can find hope in the truth that the Holy Spirit sustains us as we face our own temptation and sin, transforming us into new life, too.

Here is a snapshot of today's service:
Song: The Lion And The Lamb
Welcome & Announcements
Prayer of Confession & Words of Pardon
Song: Who You Say I Am
Pastoral Prayer, Lord's Prayer, Offertory Prayer
Song: King Of Kings
Message: Hope in the Midst of Temptation
Song: Living Hope Closing Prayer

Series Information

Our 2021 Lent Series will take us a journey, following the UMC Lectionary, showing the path the gospels lay out from the ashes and brokeness to the promise of life eternal given through the grace of Christ.

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