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Hope: Journey from Ashes to Life

Mar 07, 2021 | Allee Willcox

Hope in the Midst of Conflict (Contemporary)

Today in Worship we continue in our sermon series Hope: Journey from Ashes to Life. We will explore Hope in Conflict as we study John 2:13-22. When Jesus drives the money changers out of the temple, he is setting the tone of his ministry as one that will conflict with the sin and greed of the world. We will explore why we are sometimes uncomfortable with our own anger. Yet, the hope in this passage is Jesus’ clear message and lack of fear at tackling conflict head on, fighting to create a space of worship for all people. We too can fight to establish God’s kingdom in the world and hear God’s call to a new kind of righteousness by acknowledging what should be and is not yet.
Here is a snapshot of today's service:
Song: Great Things
Welcome & Announcements
Prayer of Confession & Words of Pardon
Song: Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly
Mission Moment: Zoe Empowers
Pastoral Prayer, Lord's Prayer, Offertory Prayer
Song: Heal Our Land
Message: Hope in the Midst of Conflict
Song: The Way
Closing Prayer


Series Information

Our 2021 Lent Series will take us a journey, following the UMC Lectionary, showing the path the gospels lay out from the ashes and brokeness to the promise of life eternal given through the grace of Christ.

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