Older Adult Ministry

Older Adult Ministry

Retiring and growing older doesn’t mean our relationship with Christ stops growing! We offer many opportunities for retirees and snowbirds. Interested in starting something of your own? Email Pastor Allee at

Journey Early Bird Classes

These classes are offered at 4:45pm, before dinner, for those who might not want to be out late at night. They are a great way to connect with Journey, even if you can’t make the later opportunities. Usually, they are taught by Rev. Margaret Johnson. For more information, contact Pastor Allee at .

Suntree Seagulls: A Snowbird Ministry

This is a small group that meets during the winter and spring while “snowbirds,” or our winter guests are in town. Interested in connecting with them as a winter guest, or in joining the fun? Contact Pastor Allee at .

TNT (Time n' Talent)

If you are 55+ and looking for a place that has great fellowship, lasting friendships, delicious food and fantastic entertainment – TNT (Time and Talent) is the place to be! 

We meet the 4th Friday of each month (with the exception of June and July) in the Dining Room starting at 11:30am.  Reservations are required at least a week before the event, and can be made by calling the church office at 321-242-2585, or Judy at 321-638-4697.  Cost is $7.00.

TNT is always looking for people to help set-up, serve and clean-up.  If you're interested in helping in this Senior Outreach Program, please speak with Judy at 321-638-4697.