Current Series

Come Home to Extraordinary Love

As we explore our identity as a church through the month of August, each week we will look at one of our Mission Essentials laid out in our 4D Vision Plan.

Finding Peace in the Storm

We all experience all kinds of storms in life. Sometimes the storms come from outside of us. Sometimes the storms rage within. But in the midst of all of these storms, we worship a God who is always with us and we cling to a Savior who tells us, “My peace I give to you.” Over the next 4 weeks we will be digging into the promises of God that serve as our anchor in the storms and empower us to face our fears, anxieties and worries with faith.

Hope: Journey from Ashes to Life

Our 2021 Lent Series will take us a journey, following the UMC Lectionary, showing the path the gospels lay out from the ashes and brokeness to the promise of life eternal given through the grace of Christ.