Suntree Weekly Update

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 Update 09/21/20



Good evening Suntree!

Allee and I come to you today via Zoom as we are both continuing to self-quarantine in response to being exposed to COVID 19. I’ll give you an update about that further on in this message.

First is how grateful I am to be part of a church with such amazing lay servant leaders! I know that is a gift every day in our ministry together, and I was reminded of that gift this past Sunday when so many of the staff had to be out of worship. The fact is that we knew worship could still happen because we knew that we have many dedicated servants that partner with staff to make worship and other ministries happened each week. We knew we would still have ushers and greeters, and musicians and tech folks because every week members of Suntree step up to the plate and serve.

When I tuned in for worship at both 9:30 and 11 – I was overwhelmed with gratitude to those folks! The band at 9:30 did an amazing job! The sound and video tech teams were awesome. The ushers and greeters on both sides of the campus were prepared and ready to serve. And of course, Robert Lamb, Steve Schantz and Tom Taylor were wonderful as usual.

It was just a wonderful reminder of why I love Suntree UMC and what makes Suntree UMC such a wonderful church! What makes Suntree such a great church is the way so many people use their spiritual gives to step up and serve, week after week. We want you to know how much your ministry blesses us as pastors and staff at Suntree and the larger community.

I also want you to know that those staff who were exposed to the virus are continuing to quarantine at home. Many have already had negative COVID tests and the rest will be tested before returning to work, presuming all goes well, next Tuesday. We have intentionally tried to keep the names of those who have tested positive confidential for their personal privacy. This is in keeping with our commitment as a church to always keep private any medical information unless a person has asked that it be shared publicly for prayer purposes. We are a praying church, and we are so appreciative of your call to hold these people in your prayers. However, we would ask that if you have heard any names, that you hold that information going forward and not share it with others.

As far as staff returning to work, we are following the guidance of our local health department in this. Our contact there has been very helpful in offering very clear guidance.

The office will be open again on Tuesday, September 29 at 9:00am which is in keeping with the recommendations of our local health department.

This Sunday, we will continue worshipping in person and all exposed staff will still be absent. Pastor Joel Lusz will be sharing the last message in our Teachable Moments message series via video recording. This Sunday we will also welcome our new Director of Communications and Media, Tanner Smith.
Weekly Rundown
Journey and Oasis – Journey will meet ONLINE this week over zoom. Check with your instructors for more information. Oasis will meet online, with the exception of Sharon Jervey’s class. Again, check with your instructors for more information.

Mosaic Palm Bay Serve Opportunity – A new United Methodist Church missional community welcoming all people. Mosaic offers a "Picnic Church" with social distancing once a month. Mosaic also offers weekly food distribution, Saturday mobile showers, laundry service, clothing distribution and is a site for medical care for persons in need. Suntree is volunteering to provide, prepare and serve the "Picnic Church" meal on October 2 (kitchen prep) and October 4 (Picnic Church). Check out for more details!

Kids Ministry and Nursery will be back this week! Please be sure to make a reservation so that we know your kids are coming.

This week's SUPP will be about "Why We Love Suntree" check your feeds this Thursday!
Thank you again for being the amazing church family that you are! Thanks for your prayers and patience and support. Thanks for using your gifts to serve Christ and one another.

So stay safe, wash your hands, wear your mask and know that we love you!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Annette and Pastor Allee