Taking the Next Step

Taking the Next Step is the title for this year’s generosity campaign for the 2020 ministry support of Suntree United Methodist Church.  The focus of Taking the Next Step is on our need as a follower of Jesus to give rather the church’s need to receive money and pay the bills.  Based on biblical principles, this campaign will invite each person to pray, “Lord, where would You want me to be in my giving?” as we seek to grow in our life of discipleship.

As a part of Taking the Next Step in your own personal generosity, we are encouraging everyone to to fill out an "Estimate of Giving Card". This card is a way Remember that this card is a statement of faith and a statement of intention, not a legal contract.  It can be changed at any time, up or down, by contacting the church office.

Below are some tools to help you in the process of taking the next step: 

Step Chart

A few details about the step chart:

- This chart reflects previous giving within the church (the numbers are taken from 2018)

- It is not something to pressure you into keeping up with any other giver or dollar amount.

- It is not a chart for you to look down on the giving of others. The widow’s mite would be on the lowest giving level based on money given but it would be off of the chart in terms of faith, generosity and percentage giving.

- The chart is designed to help you determine if your current place on this Step Chart represents a grateful and generous response to God’s love, goodness and blessings in your life

Taking the Next Step is about your heartfelt response to God based on God’s goodness and blessings in your life.

Click here to view the step chart for 2018

Personal Growth Plan

The Personal Growth plan is essentially just a paper calculator to quickly calculate the percentage your household is giving.

This is a tool designed to hep you find your current income and the percentage that your giving represents and then prayerfully consider taking the next step towards a tithe or whichever level God is leading you to give

Click here to view the Personal Growth Plan

Generosity Stories

Below are some videos of people at Suntree United Methodist Church who have told their stories about how God's generosity has impacted their life, and in turn have taken the next step in their giving:



Are you ready to take the next step?

If you feel ready to take the next step in your giving and have answered the question "Lord, where do you want me to be in my giving?", then select one of the options below to fill out an estimate of giving card! 

You can either download a pdf version of the card, fill it out, and return it to the church office, OR fill out the online form and have your estimate of giving sent directly to the church finance office. As always, your information will remain confidential and only our church finance administrator will see your information.

Download your Estimate of Giving Card here

Fill out your Estimate of Giving Card online here