Re-Opening Survey

Thank you for participating in this confidential survey.

 We are continuing to research and create the best possible scenarios for a phased reopening. We want to be able to ensure, as much as possible, that all who come onto campus have a sense of assurance and confidence that we have done everything in our ability to create a safe and healthy environment while not hindering our ability to meet our purpose and values of offering ministries on campus with excellence. We would like to hear from you and understand what measures we can take and your willingness to live into community guideposts with us.

We appreciate you taking part in this survey which will help us understand your needs and willingness which will continue to focus our work in order to offer our phasing schedule as soon as possible.

Re-Opening Survey
As our local government continues to offers guidance for phased re-opening of public gatherings, which of the following best describes your attitude toward returning to Suntree UMC?

In addition to our local government offering guidance for phased re-opening of public gatherings, are there other signals you would want to see before you return to campus?

What precautions, if any, do you plan to take when you return? (for example: small groups, volunteering, support groups, worship services, etc.)

What precautions, if any, do you expect Suntree UMC to take for campus gatherings (including worship, small groups, and meetings)?

Based on our local government guidance for phased re-opening of public gatherings, which of the following would you prefer for our church?

Which of the following describes the attendance level at which you would be comfortable attending a worship service or group gathering? I would be comfortable attending if the space is:

I have been donating my tithe or offering online to Suntree UMC and will continue to do so

Suntree plans to continue to offer online worship services. Do you plan to participate?

If you have children who attend church with you, which would you feel more comfortable with?

Select the group that best describes your age: