Life is better when we walk with Christ together.

Oasis is spiritual refreshment for women seeking to find peace, care, and sanctuary in the deserts of day-to-day life.

Classes begin at 10am and last between an hour and 90 minutes long.

Don't miss this chance to develop deep and lasting connections with a community of women, all while seeking a closer relationship with Christ.

These classes are offered as part of our Launch Sequence, a sequential program of spiritual growth developed for Suntree UMC Members.

1st Semester Classes

Offered January 21 - March 19
Thursdays at 9:30am

The Exodus & Christian Spirituality - Stage 1
Leader: Rev. Allee Willcox
Format: In-Person and Online

The Exodus is the most formative story in Jewish history. When Jesus references himself as "the lamb of God," he is calling directly back to the history of Moses and the people. What can the story of the Exodus offer to us as Christians today? In this class, we will spend time exploring the history of the book of Exodus, Moses' journey with God and as a leader, connections to our understanding of Jesus, and the practical ways we can learn from Moses' faith. No book, no homework- just bring your Bibles as we study Scripture together! This class will also be offered through Journey.

Determined - Stage 2
Leader: Peggy Stickney
Format: In-Person

Determined by Heather Dixon is a study based in the book of Luke. It follows the life and ministry of Jesus as he lived “laser-focused on His mission to love the world.” We look at Him in a different role each week: The Son, The Teacher, The Rescuer, The Healer, The Friend, and The Victor. There is a study book, Determined: Living Like Jesus in Every Moment, which you are welcome and encouraged to purchase. However, each class will have a “stand-alone” format. In other words, don’t be intimidated by the book! Join us for some great discussion about how we can live each day to its fullest and make a difference for God’s kingdom. Books will be available on the first day of class at a reduced cost. Scholarships will be available to any woman who needs one.  Maximum 10 people.

The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi- Stage 4
Leader: Sharon Jervey
Format: In-Person

Join us in the Worship Center for this socially distanced study of the book The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi by Kathie Lee Gifford. The author takes you on a journey into the heart of scriptural faith and the land where it all began. The Rock (Jesus Christ): hear directly from Gifford about her life-changing and ever-deepening connection with Jesus. The Road (Israel): Explore dozens of ancient landmarks and historical sites from Israel, the promised land of God's covenant. The Rabbi (God's Word): Dig into the original languages and deeper meaning of the Holy Scripture. This video study will make the story of the New Testament come alive as we visit sites in Israel on the big screen in our Worship Center. The accompanying study guide allows for Bible exploration as well as personal study and reflection. If you have always wanted to visit the Holy Land and never had the opportunity you will definitely want to join us. Books will be available on the first day of class at a reduced cost. Scholarships will be available to any woman who needs one. 

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