Journey Online

Journey is not meeting in person until further notice. While we are not meeting in person, you can still participate in Journey Online! Every Wednesday we will release a video of one of the pastors teaching on scripture from the previous weeks sermon. There will also be some discussing questions. You can check these videos out below, or on our Facebook page.

What is Journey?

Journey is our Wednesday evening study ministry for EVERYONE! Each semester we have evening prayer and then a variety of classes on different spiritual topics. These classes will help you build relationships in the church and grow in your relationship with God!


John 4 - Pastor Allee

1. How are you offering the love + living water of Christ during these challenging times?

2. When has Jesus been present for you in the way he is present for the woman at the well?

3. When have you witnessed to your community, the way that the woman witnesses to hers? Do you think there are different kinds of witnessing?

4. How do you feel about confession? What do you think of our “typical” UMC confession prayer that Allee shared at the end?

5. What questions or insights do you have?


John 9 - Pastor Augie

Pastor Augie unpacks John 9:1-41



John 11 - Pastor Annette

Pastor Annette talks about John 11-1:45