Your relationship with Christ is a long walk, not a destination.

Register for Journey 2021 Semester 2

Journey is our Wednesday evening study ministry for EVERYONE! Each semester we have evening prayer and then a variety of classes on different spiritual topics. These classes will help you build relationships in the church and grow in your relationship with God! 

These classes are offered as part of our Launch Sequence, a sequential program of spiritual growth developed for Suntree UMC Members.

Semester 2 Classes

Offered September 8th - October 27th
Wednesdays at 6:45pm

The Gospel of John
Leader: Bob Lawrence (In-Person) | Terry Oswalt (Online)
Launch Sequence Stage 1

Without the apostle John we would have been left to wonder about the hands-on Jesus. But through John’s eyes and pen, we are privileged to witness the ministry of the Savior. John’s gift to us is a record of tender moments and heaven-powered miracles. Join us as we walk with Max Lucado's book to dive deep into the apostle John's account of Jesus's life and ministry.

The 3G Lifestyle - A way to Live the Christian Life
Leader: Mario Busacca
Launch Sequence Stage 2

This class is based on The Chase, a novel written by Hoyt Byrum and Mario Busacca. It is a story about a man who has been poisoned against religion but who, unknowingly, is desperate to find a meaningful relationship with God. His quest to find purpose and meaning is influenced by his wife, his best friends, and a pastor he meets along the way. The class will leads the participants through some pivotal decisions and provides a simple structure, called the 3-G lifestyle, for living the Christian life. It should be fun but also profoundly challenging for the person who wants to be “right with God.”

Generational IQ
Leader: Rev. Allee Willcox
Launch Sequence Stage 4

Have you ever struggled to relate to a person in a different generation than you? Been tempted to blame the world's problems on Boomers or Millennials? Do you desire to understand your parents and grandparents, or your children and grandchildren better? This is the class for you! Focusing on the assets that each generation brings to the church, we will seek to open our hearts and minds to the possibilities of intergenerational ministry and how the church is bettered by all of our participation. We will hear from members of each generation and approach relevant topics from each generation's perspective to have a more holistic approach to our faith.